Why do we go on residential trips?

At Carnforth School, we believe that residential trips are fantastic opportunities for the children to learn and develop important life skills. It allows the children to enhance a range of skills key to being effective learners, which would not always be possible in the classroom environment. The children are faced with challenges, which encourage them to build resilience, risk take, develop teamwork, communication skills and growth mindset as well as having fun at the same time. When the children return, they always feel proud of their achievements and the sense of independence they have developed during this experience.

January 2018 – Year 5s annual residential trip to Llanrug

Year 5 have just got back from a 5 day residential to Llanrug. They all showed fantastic resilience when faced with new activities and challenging weather conditions. During the week, the children went down a mine, engaged in gorge walking, rafting, visited a beach and went on night walks in the local area. Alongside the activities, the instructors taught them about the local history. As well as the physical activities, the children showed excellent team work and independence when it came to organising themselves and their kit, ensuring their bedrooms were clean and tidy, setting up for dinner and lots, lots more. Most importantly, the children and staff have built on their positive relationships, which is very beneficial back in the classroom.

“In LLanrig I had the most amazing time. I loved the beach and being on the boats. The most challenging part was the mine but it helped me develop my growth mindset skills.” Bethany

“Llanrig was really fun. My favourite activity was the mine because we did many different things inside the mine. I was challenged in many different ways throughout the week” Martyna

“The challenging bit was the mountain because it was cold and it tested our skills. My favourite part was the mine because of all the history.” Kamron.

“I really liked climbing the gorge as it helped me develop my teamwork and resilience skills.” Igor

“My favourite part in Llanrig was climbing the waterfall it really tested my resilience and growth mindset.” Liam

“In Llanrig I learnt lots of new things, my favourite part was the mine because I learnt lots about the history of it” Trinity