At Carnforth School, we have a strong ethos for outdoor learning and believe that it can be used in many ways to strengthen and deepen children’s knowledge. We teach outdoor learning so that children can have hands on experiences through which they develop their understanding and application of our school values and successful learning skills. These experiences give depth, enrichment and an outdoor perspective for our children which will enable them to become confident, resilient and determined learners. The children are exposed to the natural environment enabling them to gain understanding and respect for the natural world and all that lives within it. We recognise that many of our children do not get the equal opportunities outside school to experience the outdoors and nature. This is why outdoor learning is crucial in our curriculum.


Outdoor learning is planned to enrich and enhance the children’s in-school learning experiences. Due to its child led nature and focus on social development, outdoor learning engages children in a manner that is hard to imitate in the classroom. This creates new opportunities for learning and development that might not be accessed during regular day-to-day schooling. As we know, every child is different, as are their learning habits, something that here at Carnforth School we recognise, encourage and utilise. Children have opportunities to learn specific outdoor skills which link closely to successful learning, for example, respect for the environment, themselves and others; working within safe boundaries which they learn to recognise and manage themselves and self-regulation. All this stems directly from our school’s Core Values: Pride, Enjoyment, Achievement and Respect.