Our adults are Miss Ferguson, Mr Cox., Miss Holland and Mrs Jones. We’re excited about the year ahead and the chance to different roles and responsibilities we get to have in school and as well as being the eldest, we hope to be great role models.  

In Year 6 our theme is created around our Trust wide theme and then tailored to the needs of the class. Learning is layered through developing a range of knowledge including questioning, exploring, experimenting, reasoning, explaining, and reflecting. Through our topic sessions we become experts of that field, activating and developing knowledge to become athletes, historians, geographers, scientists, artists and writers. We then use our knowledge across all subjects which helps to link the learning so we can use it in our daily lives. 

In Maths, we get to learn through concrete resources, which we can use to support and show our understanding. We also use pictures and visual representations to help move between concrete models to pictorial examples. Once we demonstrate our understanding we are then able to apply this new understanding to use more abstract, written methods to show our answer. Through this approach children are able to layer their knowledge and demonstrate a deeper and more secure understanding. We also believe our times tables facts are the key to unlocking our learning! Securing written methods are also incredibly important in Year 6. 

For English we use high quality texts and the T4W (Talk for Writing) approach. In this the children are supported through learn through repetition and build on knowledge as we journey through our learning sequences. We story map (use visual cues to represent sentences) and learn our WAGOLL (What A Good One Looks Like) off by heart focusing on grammar and vocabulary. We find this structure helpful and we love the books we get to explore. 

Our teacher’s love books in Year 6 and we get to share lots of exciting ones in class. We practice our reading and comprehension knowledge across the curriculum and in our Reading Together Sessions. We learn through actions and knowledge that help us to understand how to find answers in the text including: Right There, Dig Deeper and Reading Detective. We read a range of fiction and non-fiction texts to broaden our reading experience and also get to complete quizzes on the books we have read through Accelerated Reader.

Growth mind set is important to us in Year 6 and at our school. We believe that it is our attitudes and resilience that helps us to be great and that with hard work and determination we can achieve our goals. Every week there is a Reliance certificate given out in our assembly to demonstrate how the hard work has paid off! We also use this as a chance to learn new knowledge, from!  


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