Welcome to Year Six 

In Year Six, where we demonstrate our fabulous learning behaviours and have lots of fun. As the oldest in the school, we show how responsible we are through the various roles that are on offer.  

6F is taught by Ms Ferguson and 6C is taught by Mr Cox.

We love reading in Year Six! Here are some of our must reads:

Ms Ferguson’s favourite children’s book is Clockwork by Philip Pullman. ‘I love descriptive writing which is why I love this book so much. The characterisation is perfect, and it keeps me on the edge of my seat – I have to keep reading chapter after chapter!’

Mr Cox’s favourite books are the Percy Jackson series by Rick Riordan. ‘These books are very imaginative and allow me to become immersed in the world of magic, myths and mysteries.’

A typical day:  

A typical day in Year Six is jam-packed and a lot of fun! We start with Spelling and SPAG (spelling, punctation and grammar) where we get to grips with specific writing skills that will help us in all our other subjects.  

Reading Together is next where we read a range of fiction and non-fiction texts around a range of genres to broaden our reading experiences. We practice being active readers where we think aloud and read around the text to help us understand words we may not know.  

This is followed by writing where we use a range of high- quality texts to help structure our own writing. Here we can demonstrate a range of skills in our writing as well as writing for a range of purposes including to entertain, to persuade, to inform and to explain.  

In Maths, we learn through concrete resources, which we can use to support and show our understanding. We also use pictures and visual representations to help move between concrete models to pictorial examples. Once we demonstrate our understanding, we are then able to apply this new understanding to use more abstract, written methods to show our answer. Times tables facts are the key to unlocking our learning in maths so we practise these everyday. 

During lunch time, we have a range of zones in the playground where you can showcase your creative skills. The teams game zone is where football, cricket and a range of other sports are played. In the physical zone, you can go on the trim trail, or play with a range of toys which help build balance and flexibility. The construction zone is where you can build – houses, towers, you name it you can build it. We also have the creative zone where you can paint, draw and use a range of materials to create a piece of art.  

Every afternoon is different as we explore a range of subjects including Science, P.E, R.E, History, Geography, French, Computing, D.T, Art, Music and PSHE.  

In the afternoon we also participate in our daily mile where we can jog or run for fifteen minutes a day. This promotes fitness, stamina and resilience.   We end each day with our DEAR time (drop everything and read time). We choose a class novel where everyone has a book and enjoy a story together.  

The year ahead:  

The curriculum has a thematic structure with an overall theme for a portion of the term and where each theme has specific subjects attached to it.  

Our themes are

This Is Me – where we focus on ourselves and what makes a positive member of our community. Our main topics covered are cooking in D.T, family and relationships in PSHE and drawing self-portraits in Art looking at the artist John Tenniel.  

My Place, My Time – a unit which looks at where we are in the world and what events are important to us. Our main topics covered are local geography including map skills, a local history unit looking at King John (who is buried in Worcester Cathedral!) and Science looking at animals including humans.  

Around The World – Here we move our focus from ourselves to the wider world and how we can contribute to our ever-changing planet. Some of our learning covered in this topic is global geography, gymnastics, tennis and Outdoor Adventurous learning, and citizenship.  

Those That Came Before Us – This theme looks at how events in history have shaped how we live today. Our history topic will be World War Two and a lot of our reading and writing will also revolve around this topic. We will also explore electricity and circuits in Science and listen to and appraise a range of songs from WW2 in music.  

Be the change/Social Enterprise – Our final theme of the year looks at making an item using our DT skills of sewing. Linked with our WW2 topic, we will be having a go at ‘make do and mend’ creating new items out of old ones. We will discover more about the sculptor Henry Moore and create our own sculpture.  

We also reflect on our school year and all the wonderful learning that has taken place.  

For more information, please see our synopsis and parent planners.  

Check it out:  

In Year Six we work incredibly hard! Within our learning, we take part in a range of fun activities. This includes cooking our own pasties, making pancakes for Shrove Tuesday, going swimming as part of our P.E sessions, forest school and trips to lots of interesting places. 


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