At Carnforth School, we make music an enjoyable experience. It is our intent for children to develop a lifelong love of music and performing arts. Music is a universal language and a unique form of creativity. We want to share with our children how music can inspire, motivate, energise, calm and spiritually move us and enrich our lives. At Carnforth School, we want all children to experience the sense of collaboration, confidence and achievement that making music together can create.


Children at Carnforth School are exposed to a range of genres of music from different cultures, language and time periods. We encourage children to develop opinions of these pieces of music which they share and communicate with each other. During music lessons, children will develop descriptive skills to allow them to represent feelings and emotions and how to read and write their own music. Our children are continually challenged vocally, encouraging and increasing their confidence as they learn to not only excel individually but also learn the benefits of teamwork.

We want our children to aim high and understand the opportunities the future could hold for them as musicians, producers, songwriters and performers.

“I just wanted to say a huge thanks for the welcome I received when I came in to teach Ukulele to Year 6 on Friday. I very much enjoyed meeting my lovely class and I had a lovely friendly and efficient welcome from reception too. The class itself is full of really polite enthusiastic children and is run really well by two superb male teachers. I feel like we’re going to have a lovely term together!” – Catherine Harper, Peripatetic Music Teacher.

“We can play lots of different instruments” – India, Nursery

“I love Charanga because we can sing songs and learn the words” – Lexie, Year 3

“We get to listen and appraise music and guess how old it is which is really tricky but fun” – Mason, Year 6

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