Welcome to Year 3!

Our class teacher is Mr Atkin. Our teaching assistant is Mrs Guilding.

In Year 3, we have a strong focus on speaking and listening and include this in all our subjects. This encourages the children to listen and give their opinions.

A way in which speaking and listening is used within the classroom is through partner talk to answer the questions and to prove the answers to one another. We use questions like: How do you know that? Can you prove it? What would happen if…?

We use Talk for Writing to explore stories. The use of story maps and drama allows us to understand a text thoroughly and gives us a foundation to build our writing skills. In addition, we use our reading time to investigate texts which link to our English and topic work. The focus of our reading sessions allow children to build reading comprehension skills and encourage the children to make connections across the subjects which is a vital skill.

In Maths, we focus on using concrete, pictorial and abstract ways of learning. Concrete involves using a range of resources so that the children can physically see what is happening with the numbers. Pictorial is the next step and involves drawing pictures to represent numbers and helping the children to remember the resources used from the concrete point of learning. The Abstract approach is then using formal written methods to solve problems.

During our time in year 3, we will be participating in many physical and sporting activities. This will include Swimming for one term, in order to gain water skills and set a foundation to meet the target of swimming 25 metres. Also, there is the opportunity to learn dance with a specialist dance teacher alongside assistance from class teachers. In addition, visits to the local gymnastics club will allow us to access amazing equipment such as; high bars, the beams, sprung floor and vaults.