Early Intervention Family Support at Carnforth School 



If you need some general advice and support about bedtime and morning routines, aggression and disrespect or any other issues regarding children or you need support with completing forms, need signposting to other agencies or just accessing information about other services in the area. Then you can ring Julie, the Early Intervention Family Support Worker who will have an informal chat with you or arrange to meet and discuss the issues that you are having 

Julie also facilitates parenting programmes such as The Family Links Nurturing Parenting Programme and The Triple P Positive Parenting Programme, as well as shorter Behaviour Workshops.  If you would like more information about local programmes in your area, please call. 

Julie Gibb on: 


Safeguarding Information on PACE

A rare form of sexual, emotional and physical abuse of a child/ren is Child Sexual Exploitation. If it does occur, it is a hugely upsetting time. Knowing the signs and being aware of the support available can help to prepare parents and carers with the knowledge and tools to act.

PACE is a charity that helps parents across the UK understand what is happening to their child and how parents are the prime agents in helping their child exit exploitative relationships. It does this by offering:

  • One-to-one telephone advice and support to parents
  • Facilitating meetings with similarly-affected parents for peer support
  • Advising how to establish rights as parents and work in partnership with statutory agents such as police and social workers
  • Advice and support when pursuing disruption and prosecution of the perpetrators of child sexual exploitation
  • Befriending scheme

If you would like further information, visit the website www.paceuk.info


Get Safe


Are you worried about your child?

Have you seen a change in their behaviour or routines? Do they have unexplained money, clothing or gifts? Do you think they maybe being criminally exploited? What does criminal exploitation mean?

If you would like to find out more about criminal exploitation please click on the links

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