Welcome to Year Four.

Our class teacher is Mrs Ledger and our teaching assistant is Mrs Manning

In Year Four, we learn through lots of different layers of learning such as: questioning, exploring, experimenting, reasoning, explaining and reflecting. Through our topic sessions we become experts of that field, activating and developing skills to become athletes, historians, geographers, scientists, artists and writers. We use our skills across all subjects which helps to link the learning so we can use it in our daily lives.

Having a growth mind set is important to us in Year Four as we believe that with hard work and determination, as well as keeping going in the face of challenges and learning from feedback we can become high achievers. We apply this to both work inside school and tasks outside school including extra-curricular activities.

In maths, we enjoy having a range of concrete equipment and resources to help us to visualize and understand our work. We are then able to apply this new understanding to use more abstract, written methods to show our answer. This approach allows a build-up of skills; we have lots of ‘I get it’ moments using this method.

In English we use T4W (Talk for Writing), which uses repetition and high quality texts, to engage us as well as giving us a solid model to base our own writing on. We story map and learn our WAGOLL (What A Good One Look Like) off by heart focusing on grammar and vocabulary. We use this structure, changing one thing to create our own using new ideas. We really enjoy this method and feel that it helps our learning.

We value reading in Year Four and love to practice our reading and comprehension skills across the curriculum. We are building our reading skills through our ‘Right There’ finger, ‘Dig Deeper’ and ‘Reading Detective’ strategies to find key words and clues in the text to aid us in finding the answer. We read a range of fiction and non-fiction texts to broaden our reading experience.