Starting School at Carnforth School

New Reception Intake

Children can be admitted to school at the beginning of the academic year during which they become five. This is to ensure they have a full three terms in the reception class before moving on to the work in Year 1.  We offer an open morning to show parents around and answer any questions they may have. If you are unable to make this please contact the school office to make an alternative appointment. The office staff will be happy to help.

Admissions for a place in Reception should be made through the Local Authority. If you are a parent or carer and wish to apply for a place for your child, you will need to complete a common application form available on and return it to your local authority which in the majority of cases will be Worcestershire. The Local Authority will admit children up to the Pupil Admissions Number which is presently 30. Remember the closing date for admissions for September 2021 is 15th January 2021.  The school offer notification date by the Local Authority is 16th April 2021.

When there are more applications than places, children are admitted in the order of priority according to the admissions policy.

In Year Transfers / Enrolment

Our planned admission number for each year group is 30. Request for admissions should be made directly to the academy. Please contact the school to make an appointment to enquire about availability and to view the school.

As an academy school decisions are made by the trustee / school Governors.

Waiting Lists

Waiting lists for Academy, Foundation, Free and Voluntary Aided Schools, are maintained by the individual schools and parents will need to contact the school directly in order to be included. As an academy school Carnforth holds its own waiting list.

You should be aware that a school waiting list is an active document. As parents request for their children to be included on the list, the position of an individual child already on the list can change. A waiting list does not give priority based simply on the date an application was added to the list.

School admissions policies

Carnforth School Admissions Policy 2023 to 2024

Carnforth School Admissions Policy 2024 to 2025