At Carnforth School, we are committed to providing our children with an exciting and positive learning environment, in which they have the opportunity to develop their knowledge and understanding of religions while contributing to their spiritual, moral, social and cultural development. We welcome and celebrate diversity, are sensitive to the home background of each child and work to ensure that all pupils feel secure to voice their opinions through group discussions.

We want the children to understand how RE can help to develop their empathy, tolerance of others and discussion skills which can all contribute towards future careers. We want them to aim high, understand the opportunities Religious Education can give them and to be inspired to be teachers, aid workers, public sector workers or social workers.


When planning, class teachers use the non-statutory guidance as well as the Worcestershire Agreed Syllabus for Religious Education 2020-2025 which outlines the progression for each year group.

“We learn about our religions and your family religions” Henry, Y3

 “I like learning about different religions” Anna, Y4

RE lessons at Carnforth include a variety of open-ended questions, planned and spontaneous discussions and debates.  We will provide children with the language necessary to become critical thinkers, debate different perspectives and articulate their knowledge and opinions. This allows children to relate their learning in RE to their own experiences.

“It’s fun because we get to talk about what we think” Shelly, Y6

“I like all the discussions we have to get our brain into gear” Alicia, Y5

As part of their lessons, children will have real life, hands on experiences of different religions and cultures which will deepen their understanding and knowledge of Religious Education. This will include enrichment visits to local places of worship, sampling different religious meals and visits from local religious leaders.

“I’d like to go somewhere with people from that religion to talk to us” Carlton, Y5

“It would be cool to go and see the different places of worship to see what it’s like and compare it” Alex, Y6