Where can I buy the school uniform?

  • School blazers, Nursery sweatshirts, P.E Kits, school skirts, book bags, ties, school coats and PE bags can only be purchased from school. We keep prices down by selling directly to parents.
  • School trouser and school jumpers may also be purchased from the school office however, they can also be purchased from Marks and Spencers – order numbers are on the order forms.
  • White school shirts (this must be a shirt that can be worn with a tie not a polo shirt), socks, plimsoles and school shoes (black only – not trainers or boots) can be purchased from a range of shops including supermarkets.

What do I do if I can’t afford to buy school uniform?

  • You may be eligible for a uniform grant. A copy of the forms can be obtained from the school office – if successful, you will receive help towards the cost of the uniform, we also can offer second hand uniform and payment plans.

How much do I need?

  • This depends very much on your child and if you are prepared to do a mid week wash, if you have a child that tends to always drop his/her dinner down them etc you may need more. Reception children are encouraged to explore both indoor and outdoor environments and although protective clothing is provided we can not guarantee your child will come home pristine every day. One blazer is adequate if your child is in key stage 2. Shirts 3-5, trousers / skirts 1 – 2, PE kit 1 set, school jumpers 2-3.

Where do I drop my child off?

  • Classroom doors open at 8:45 at the rear of the school. Breakfast club is open from 8, you enter here through the school’s main entrance. Doors are closed promptly at 8:55 so that the register can be taken and the school day can start. If you are late you must bring your child to the school office where they will be officially signed in and our attendance records can be updated.

When can I speak to my child’s class teacher?

  • We pride ourselves on working closely with our parents. If it is just a quick message the teacher or teaching assistant will be readily available at the start of the day, however if it is something that needs the teachers full attention, privacy and more time then the end of the day is more appropriate. Appointments can be made with teaching staff themselves or more informal meetings can be arranged by waiting until all the children have been safely dismissed.
  • If you have something more serious or urgent to discuss the head of school or a member of SLT can usually be made available.

I don’t do drop offs or pick up – how can I communicate with staff?

  • Each child has a home school diary in which you can write any messages you may have. You can also make a telephone appointment with your class teacher or an appointment to see the head of school or member of SLT at a more convenient time.
  • There are lots of opportunities for parents to come into school including look and learn sessions, parents evenings and curriculum workshops.

What do I do if my child loses something?

  • Ensure everything that comes into school is named.
  • Please ensure children don’t bring favourite small toys into school.
  • Report it to the class teacher.
  • We try to teach the children to be responsible and take care of their belongings but unfortunately from time to time things do go missing. We will do our best to try to find missing items but ultimately lost uniform will need to be replaced if we can not find it. Fortunately this is relatively uncommon.

What do I do if my child is ill?

  • School attendance is very important it helps children settle, make strong friendships and most importantly ensure work and learning opportunities aren’t missed. However, we do understand that on occasion children can be too ill to come to school. If your child is ill you must telephone the school office before the close of register and let them know the reason for absence.

Will my child have homework?

  • As your child progresses through school the expectations for homework will rise to ensure they are fully prepared for high school. Homework comes in many forms from written tasks to games and activities / projects to do as a family.
  • Initially the expectation will be that you read regularly to your child and as they increase in confidence and skill that they read to you.

Can my child do after school clubs?

  • All children are welcome to school clubs but they are dependent on numbers and sometimes due to the nature of the activity or outcome they are age dependent. We usually find that reception children are very tired at the end of the school day and it is more appropriate for them to start after the first half term.