Our motto ‘Inspiring Excellence’ and core values: Pride, Enjoyment, Achievement and Respect are at the heart of our curriculum. At Carnforth the curriculum fulfills the requirements of the national curriculum and is broad, balanced and rich. The careful design of our curriculum is crafted to meet the needs of our children, create a sense of adventure, develop transferable skills, acquire knowledge and foster excellence in learning.  Our shared belief that learning creates opportunities drives us to create a curriculum which engages and encourages learning as a way of life.

Our curriculum is rich in Language and Literacy. Themes often begin with a text, with opportunities to explore other texts throughout. Extending and exploring vocabulary is a key driver, we encourage children to question and discuss their learning developing curious and critical thinkers.

Visits and visitors play a part in each theme giving children the opportunities to explore different environments and meet inspiring and knowledgeable people. We encourage families to be part of learning, encouraging them to participate in family projects and attend our inspire workshops. We make use of our beautiful city exploring the different landscapes and historic buildings. We strive to ensure pupils are proud and positive members of their local community and understand they are part of a wider global community.

We believe sports are an important part of the curriculum, sports support wellbeing encouraging development of communication and team building skills. Our dance lessons are taught by a professional dance teacher where children have the opportunity to learn a variety of styles. In addition to this, each Year group has the opportunity to develop gymnastics skills within a dedicated facility.  One of our aims is ensuring all children learn to swim before they leave primary school and we are committed to ensuring our pupils can swim 25metres by the time they leave our community. As a result our pupils are taken swimming throughout their primary career.

Learning extends beyond the school day with a wide range of clubs and opportunities being offered each term.

Our curriculum is forever evolving, making refinements and incorporating the needs and curiosity of our children.

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